Friday, September 16, 2011

Rotten to the Core

I'm disintegrating. I went through this last year around this time:

See the weird oozy abrasiony thing on my otherwise gorgeous cheek? This and several others in varying areas sprouted up on me last year at this time of year.

This year I have some, although none are in the same places as last year... one lower on my face, a few on my neck and shoulder on each side, but worst, one on the big bug welt on my belly. So I have this big welt with two oozy unhappy parts to it. Yulck.

None of this year's spots look as bad as the one in the picture, except maybe the one on my belly welt. Mother picks at these things and puts SWAT on them. She sighs. She says if they went away last year on their own, they'll go away this year, too.

Apparently, I'm on some sort of limited HMO. How does one get good health care these days?


  1. Apparantly, you're so rotten that you're leaking from the inside out ! :)

    We spend a lot of time fussing over and caring for the horses around here but we've learned that sometimes the best treatment is patience plus time. This combination also serves to lower the drama level exponentially, which is never a bad thing in my book.

  2. Ohhh Sacroids. Bonnie has a couple but they've not "oozed" yet. We are moving them to Goshen next week. Finally =)

  3. Fenway has a big bug scab near his belly button. They're pink (thanks, Mother, for telling me it works better than clear Swat) and he resents them. You guys are so similar! Hope your oozy things clear up!

  4. Jeni,

    Mother wondered about sarcoids last year, but they don't act quite like any she has seen before. There are seasonal, usually start showing up late August through early October-ish. They sometimes have a little center or core, as if they are a sticker barb or insect barb. They eventually clear up and stay away the rest of the year. And they are not in the same places, whereas sarcoids typically pick a spot and stay there, spreading from that point.

    Who knows. All I know is she hurts me, says she's sorry, then gives me cookies.

    I am developing Munchausen's (not by proxy, though. It's all me!).

  5. Bif ~ hmmm no idea then. Probably some bug. Bugs are bad here, but should be the end of them now.

    I'm still laughing at Munchausen's !

  6. We have a nasty bug here in upstate NY that is only a problem this time of year. I don't know what they are called, they look sort of like a squat spider but they have wings and fly around. They actually don't bite very often but when they do it always leaves a nasty, oozy sore. I don't usually mind bugs but these do creep me out when I find them crawling around.

    If you aren't grossed out enough yet, the other thing that leaves those kinds of sores are grub worms. I know they are very common in Ohio. The fly would have laid the egg some time ago. The only thing you will likely ever see is a small bump on the horse that quickly grows to something a bit bigger than a pea that pops open and oozes, just like your nasty sores. I rescued a pair of draft ponies from Ohio a few years ago and they had dozens of them, mainly on the neck and shoulder region. They are very gross but not likely to cause harm.


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