Wednesday, September 28, 2011


How life should be, as demonstrated by Belle and I this weekend, visiting the sheepless sheep pasture:

During the week, however, with Mother gone away "educating" herself, Belle and I have been trapped in the Small, instead of visiting the sheep fields.

So when we do go, I feel a bit off kilter at times... out of balance. *

Perhaps Mother should have taken physics first!

P.S. My Hair Club for Men is great! Look how far my hair has come since Mother hacked it all off in mid-August just last summer. Some horses struggle a whole lifetime to have this much hair. I am blessed.

*Or perhaps Mother should stop angling the camera to make me look ridiculous.


  1. Looks like you're heading for a shoulder stand there Bif - yoga is good for you :) Glad you're loving life - even better when you're having good hair days!

  2. Okay...those last two grazing pics are HILARIOUS. Defying gravity!!!


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